Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Coverage of Our Victory

Keep us posted as you see more media attention pop up!

Monday, April 19, 2010


Today, in the most significant moment of Shimer's history since its relocation to Chicago, Shimer College's Board of Trustees 'ousted' President Thomas Lindsay, the Chronicle of Higher Education reports.

The announcement was first released by the National Association of Scholars (NAS), best known by the Shimer community for its glowing defense of Lindsay. They posted a brief report shortly after the Board of Trustees held an unannounced meeting this afternoon.

Chronicle writer Don Troop wrote that the board "fired" Lindsay and the NAS wrote that the Board "voted to dismiss" Lindsay. In contrast, Shimer's Office of Advancement issued a press release reporting that Lindsay "stepped down" from his position. So far, the details on the meeting to answer this ambiguity remain undisclosed.

The vote followed months of bitter conflict between Shimer's community and President Lindsay and his supporters. During the past week, following a growing petition demonstrating a widespread desire for Lindsay to resign, the Shimer community promulgated its lack of support for Lindsay loud and clear with votes of no confidence from both the Faculty and Shimer's Assembly and a call for resignation from the directors of Shimer's Alumni Association.

Trustee Emeritus Ed Noonan, long-time Shimer supporter, will serve as interim President for the time being. Noonan is widely supported by the Shimer community.

For those of you that know your Shimer folklore: Ding, dong. Ding, dong.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Assembly Votes No Confidence

And finally, Shimer College's Assembly (made up of students, faculty, staff, and trustees if they choose to vote) removed from the table the resolution of no confidence in President Lindsay and it passed. Voted by secret ballot, with 60 votes for, 0 votes against, and 3 abstentions, here is the resolution (as amended):

Whereas the Presidency of Thomas Lindsay has imperiled the very existence of the College, the Assembly declares that it has no confidence in the ability of President Lindsay to lead Shimer College.
Let's all take a deep breath and cross our fingers.

Shimer College Alumni Association Calls for Lindsay's Resignation

From the Alumni Association of Shimer College's Board followed the Faculty by calling for Thomas Lindsay's resignation:

The Shimer Alumni Association, acting through its Board, calls for the resignation of Thomas Lindsay as President of Shimer. The resolution was adopted with 9 votes in favor, none against, and no abstentions.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Faculty Votes No Confidence in President Lindsay

A lot has happened lately, though much of it kept silent. I've been awful about posting updates here, but this one has to go up. This is the faculty's recent resolution, unanimous, with no abstentions:

Whereas Thomas Lindsay’s unilateral approach to the management of Shimer College has sapped morale and created a climate of fear and mistrust that now pervades the College;

Whereas he has consistently shown a lack of understanding of and respect for Shimer College’s history, traditions, culture, identity, and academic mission;

Whereas he has increasingly acted in opposition to structures of the College, including committees and procedures, written policies, and handbooks;

Whereas his inability or unwillingness to communicate and work with Shimer College’s constituencies is demonstrated by his making major decisions and attempting major changes in the face of overwhelming opposition;

And whereas he has given no credible indication that he will desist from the conduct described or cease attempting to transform the College according to his own plans and without broad support;

The Faculty declares that Thomas Lindsay has done grave harm to Shimer College and imperils its very existence; and, therefore,

The Faculty resolves that it has no confidence in Thomas Lindsay as President of Shimer College.