Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Resolutions Passed at the February 7th Assembly

1. The Assembly voted to "urge" the Board of Trustees to bring to a full vote and induct the five most qualified alumni trustee candidates from the six who were tabled on January 18 by a split vote of the nominating committee.

2. The Assembly voted overwhelmingly to affirm Shimer's current mission statement.

3. The Assembly voted to agree to participate in the "Joint Task Force" to examine the May '08 changes to the Assembly Constitution and Board ByLaws under the revised terms offered by the Board Chair, Chris Nelson. Taylor Buck (student), Ann Dolinko (faculty) and Marc Hoffman (staff) were elected to serve on the task force; Albert Fernandez (faculty and speaker of the Assembly) will also serve as stated in the terms negotiated by Fernandez and Nelson.

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