Monday, April 19, 2010


Today, in the most significant moment of Shimer's history since its relocation to Chicago, Shimer College's Board of Trustees 'ousted' President Thomas Lindsay, the Chronicle of Higher Education reports.

The announcement was first released by the National Association of Scholars (NAS), best known by the Shimer community for its glowing defense of Lindsay. They posted a brief report shortly after the Board of Trustees held an unannounced meeting this afternoon.

Chronicle writer Don Troop wrote that the board "fired" Lindsay and the NAS wrote that the Board "voted to dismiss" Lindsay. In contrast, Shimer's Office of Advancement issued a press release reporting that Lindsay "stepped down" from his position. So far, the details on the meeting to answer this ambiguity remain undisclosed.

The vote followed months of bitter conflict between Shimer's community and President Lindsay and his supporters. During the past week, following a growing petition demonstrating a widespread desire for Lindsay to resign, the Shimer community promulgated its lack of support for Lindsay loud and clear with votes of no confidence from both the Faculty and Shimer's Assembly and a call for resignation from the directors of Shimer's Alumni Association.

Trustee Emeritus Ed Noonan, long-time Shimer supporter, will serve as interim President for the time being. Noonan is widely supported by the Shimer community.

For those of you that know your Shimer folklore: Ding, dong. Ding, dong.

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