Thursday, May 27, 2010

Just When You Thought It Was Coming to a Close...

...ideologues force you to think again!

Once again drawing from unofficial sources, I have this news to report from today's meeting of Shimer's Board of Trustees:

  • Lawyers representing former President Thomas Lindsay and former trustee Patrick Parker filed suit against Shimer College, its Board of Trustees, today-reelected Chair Christopher Nelson, Faculty Trustees Albert Fernandez and Steven Werlin, Trustee and Alumnus Daniel Shiner, and Interim President Edward Noonan. The suit calls for the reinstatement of Thomas Lindsay as President of Shimer College.
  • While Christopher Nelson was reelected as Chair of the Board, Trustees Barry Carroll, Mary-Lou Kennedy, and Patrick Parker were not reelected.
  • Marc Hoffman, Shimer's CFO and Adjunct Faculty member was seated on the Board by virtue of his position as Assistant Treasurer.
  • Seven Trustees voted against awarding degrees to the entire class of 2010.

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